The South Carolina Chapter of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (SC-NABCJ) recognizes the disproportionate number of African-Americans and other minorities who are incarcerated in the South Carolina Penal System and set as it’s mission:  To reduce incarceration rates by providing community intervention programs and services that will help young people develop into productive, law abiding citizens who make positive contributions to our society.


We can accomplish our mission by educating ourselves and the community through workshops and community forums about the administration of justice and how it impacts our community.  We are also committed to working with community partners to ensure safer communities for everyone.

The South Carolina Chapter of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (SC-NABCJ) was organized after a number of South Carolina conference attendees had an opportunity to witness the great community work being done by the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ). The South Carolina conference attendees were so inspired that they decided to establish a local chapter in South Carolina to address the disproportionate number of African Americans and other minorities  being incarcerated in our penal system.  The South Carolina chapter established it’s charter in 1992 at the annual National Conference in Portland, Organ.


Being a SCNABCJ member means being apat of a rich and long

history of black empowerment.

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    Pam Thomas, PHD President SC-NABCJ (843)687-0765 information

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    William Livingston, Web. Support (919)519-2494

    The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice

    Yours in service,

    Pam Thomas, PhD



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    It is my distinct pleasure to serve as president at such a turning point in our society in regards to criminal justice. Our state and especially your local communities, are affected by the many changes that have occurred in America and the ones yet to come. Therefore, South Carolina Chapter of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (SC-NABCJ) is the prime organization to embrace these changes with a greater emphasis on education and training for adults and youth. If there was ever a time for the SC-NABCJ, the time is now. Our local South Carolina communities need our commitment to service, humanity, brotherhood, and sisterhood. With an agenda focused on service, we plan to take our people to a greater standard of living through the embodiment of information, resources, and provisions that will lead to improved communities.


    This year marks a milestone for the chapter—our 25 years in existence. We are truly grateful for the foresight of the charter members. They had a vision for the citizens of South Carolina to receive the justice that has been promised to all Americans under the United States Constitution. To commemorate our existence for a quarter of a century, we are planning a gala for all of South Carolina to celebrate the fruits of our labor past and to evoke the future continuance of efforts to achieve criminal justice for ALL, especially for Blacks and other minorities.


    Thanks for stopping by our website and reviewing what we have to offer. If I can be of further assistance, please contact me at any time.

    Breaking News

    The SCNABCJ Has A New Website!

    It has been a long time coming but our new website is up and running. We have a new look and a renewed commitment to provide services and resources to the community. We cannot do it without the support of our members and friends. If you have not renewed your membership or would like to join, please do so by going to our membership page. We thank you for your support as we “Build Back Better!”

    Please know that we are continuing to make changes to improve the website and make it more relevant and user friendly. If you think we need to add something or change something, please send your suggestions to our president, Dr. Pam Thomas, at: